Friday, August 4, 2017

South Kankakee, IL

     For the first post on this blog, we will look at the planned community of South Kankakee, Illinois. Near the center of the community we have a small lifestyle venue with a Carson's Home Store, Jewel-Osco grocery, and a theatre. This lifestyle center would be the only major retail in the area, and it would feature local stores combined with mid-market mall fare. Surrounding the center would be housing, varying from smaller, cheaper homes to the larger mansions. These would be built as the city grows, not all at once. With the community would be a planned I-57 exit to Waldron Road for easier access. Other community features would be a church, park with pool, and a planned South Kankakee High School. I would simulate a possible history, though it's tough to do so for planned towns.